Legislative Source Book Key Phrase Index

Administrative Law: Brief Federal Overview
Alternative Table of CR, FR, Stat. Vols
Authority of Statutes in USC Section Notes
CFR & Federal Register Research Guide
CFR - Sources & Tools (Code of Fed. Regs)
Congressional Bills & Res. - Text Sources
Congressional Committees - Hist. List
Congressional Committees - Hist. Overview
Congressional Hearings - Quick Links
Congressional Publication Volumes - Table
Congressional Record - Hist. Overview
Congressional Record - Sources
Congressional Sessions with Record Vols
CRS Reports on Congress / Its Procedures
Current Legislative and Regulatory Activity
Directory of Federal Law Libraries DC Area
Drafting Federal Law by Donald Hirsch
Drafting Manual for House Legislation
Equal Employment Oppor. Laws, Cases
Executive Orders and Presidential Docs
Executive Publication Volumes - Table
Federal Administrative Law: Brief Overview
Federal Agency Operations - General Laws
Federal Agency Reports to Cong. - Sources
Federal Agency Web Sites - Perf. Measures
Federal Equal Employment Oppor. Laws
Federal Law Libraries in DC Area
Federal Legislative History 101
Federal Legislative History Research
Federal Register & CFR Research Guide
Federal Register - # Pages in Annual Vols
Federal Register - Sources & Tools
Final Status Table on Selected Legislation
Finding U.S. Statute and Code Cites (1980)
Freedom of Information Act Resources
General Legal Research Sites - Free & Not
How Federal Laws Are Published - Basic
Internet Legislative & Regulatory Sources
Legal Research Sources (General) - Free &
Legislative Docs - Electronic Sources
Legislative Documents - Union List (1994)
Legislative Drafting by Donald Hirsch
Legislative Drafting Manual - House

Legislative & Regulatory Activity News
Legislative & Reg.  Info - Internet Sources
Legislative Histories - Free Internet Sites
Legislative Histories - Commercial Sites
Legislative Histories - Union List DC Area
Legislative History 101, Federal
Legislative History Research for Beginners
Legislative History Documents on Internet
Legislative History - Fed. Research Guide
Legislative Info - Useful Phone #s, Sites
Legislative Research - Questions & Ans.
Legis. Status Table - 110th Cong. & earlier
Mandated Reports to Congress - Sources
Presidential Documents - Executive Orders 
Presidential Orders/Proclamations - Table
Questions and Answers in Legis. Research
Questions and Answers on the U.S. Code
Quick Links to Congressional Hearings
Serial Set Volumes & Overview
Sessions of Congress with Record Vols
State Legislatures, Laws and Regulations
Table of Legislative Internet Sites by Doc.
Table of Presidential Publication Volumes
Table of Volumes - CR, FR, & U.S. Statutes
Table of Vols - Congress, Presidents
Tables of U.S. Code - Law Rev Counsel
Tables on Legis Status by Congress
Telephone #s & Web Sites with Legis. Info
Union List of Legislative Documents (1994)
Union List of Legislative Histories (2002)
U.S. Code - Authority of Sec. Note Statutes
U.S. Code - Historical Outline, Sources
U.S. Code - How to Find Citations (1980)
U.S. Code - List of Positive Law Titles
U.S. Code - Tables, Law Rev. Counsel
U.S. Code - Unraveling the Mysteries Q&A
U.S. Court Opinions - Links & Sources
U.S. Serial Set Volumes & Overview
U.S. Statutes - How to Find Cites (1980)
U.S. Statutes - Historical Outline
U.S. Statutes at Large - Docs Included
U.S. Statutes at Large - Volume Numbers

Compiled by Rick McKinney, Assistant Law Librarian, Federal Reserve Board Law Library

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Last updated on November 20, 2016