LLSDC Listserv


How to Subscribe

LLSDC's listserv is offered to provide effective communication and resource sharing among members of the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C. The list is hosted by the American Association of Law Libraries (AALL).

To subscribe, please email the Listserv admins and they will add you to the listserv.  

There is no requirement that you be a member of LLSDC in order to subscribe to the list.  However, this is a closed list and you will need to be approved by the administrator before being able to send and receive messages.  Approval usually happens within 48 hours.

You will need to set up a password to access the listserv website.  Once you have registered a password and received the confirmation email, you may then go to the listserv website and log in.

How to Post:

To post to the list, send an email to [email protected]. You must be a list subscriber in order to post.

Alternatively, you may log into the listserv website and send a message using the web form.  The form can be found in the Options box on the LLSDC Listserv Home Page.

Messages to the listserv sent via email may be held for up to ten minutes for new subscribers.  Messages sent using the web form are not subject to the delay.

You may reply to a message directly from your email, but be aware that replies will be sent to the entire group.  If you would like to only reply to the sender, you will need to manually update the TO: line in your email.

How To Unsubscribe:

  1. Go to the LLSDC listserv website and log in
  2. Select 'Subscribe or Unsubscribe' in the Option box
  3. Click on 'Unsubscribe (LLSDC)'

Listserv Archives

All messages sent through the LLSDC listserv are archived. To view these messages, log in to the LLSDC listserv Home Page.  

All messages sent using the old Lyris listserv platform prior to November 17, 2017 can be found in the LLSDC archive on Lyris.

Change Your Settings

You can change your subscription email address, unsubscribe, or customize your profile settings at any time by visiting the LLSDC Listserv Home Page

You may also adjust how often you receive messages by clicking on 'Subscriber's Corner' in the upper left-hand corner of the LLSDC Listserv Home Page and then on [Settings].  On this page you can select to receive a digest of listserv messages at regular intervals (e.g. once per a day or once per a week) or receive listserv messages in real time. 


If you cannot solve a specific listserv problem by visiting LLSDC Listserv Home Page, please send a note to [email protected]. This will be forwarded to the administrators of the LLSDC listserv, who have access to change or verify subscriptions. The address for posting messages to the LLSDC listserv is [email protected].

Some example questions/problems are:

  • Am I subscribed to the list?
  • Your name/address/firm has changed, and you cannot unsubscribe or post to the list.
  • Your firm has merged and you have a new email system.