The Bylaws Revision Committee drafts language of proposed amendments to the Society's Bylaws at the request of the Executive Board, the membership, or on its own initiative.

Bylaws of LLSDC (As amended through June 1, 2016)

BAPMUS: Bylaws & Procedures Manual Update Subcommittee (Members Only)

A Short History of LLSDC Bylaws

The Bylaws date from 1988, the year LLSDC was incorporated. Before our incorporation, LLSDC was governed by a Constitution, last revised in 1984.

During the years LLSDC produced a paper membership directory, the "current" version of the Bylaws was included at the beginning of the directory. Over the years, certain amendments were not added to the text of the directories, or were incompletely added. Thus, the Bylaws in the directories are not 100% reliable.

Below you will find an Annotated Bylaws, which tracks all the changes since the original passage of the Bylaws in 1988. This has been recreated from the information in the files of the Bylaws Revision Committee and from items mentioned in Law Library Lights. You will also find links to all the Directory versions of the Bylaws, and the original Proposed Bylaws of 1988 and the final version of the Constitution (1984), reprinted in PDF files.


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Archival Bylaws

Directory Years