To volunteer or suggest a program, please contact Mary Kate Hunter or Pamela Lipscomb. All suggestions and comments are welcome.


The Education Committee provides educational programs, speakers, seminars and classes useful to the membership. All programs are intended to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Amplify or focus on substantive areas of law or library science;
  2. Provide a forum for discussion of techniques, skills, and problems in the workplace;
  3. Offer opportunities to discuss new developments in law librarianship in the workplace;
  4. Provide general interest programs that may not be directly related to law libraries but which may enhance the careers or work life of the membership, such as financial membership, stress management, etc.

The Legal Research Institutes

Every spring the LLSDC Education Committee hosts one of the most popular programs of the year, the LLSDC Legal Research Institutes.  This program consists of two full-day workshops designed to introduce the concepts of legal research and prepare participants to perform research using legal resources.  These hands-on workshops are taught by experienced librarians from local law schools, law firms, and the federal government.  The LRI is open to anyone (members and non-members) and is especially beneficial to those who are new to legal research or are information professionals looking to sharpen their legal research skills.  

Subject areas covered are: case law, statutes, secondary sources, legislative history, administrative law and cost effective legal research

The LRI is generally held during March every year.  More information on dates, times, and registration information will be posted to this website and sent out to the LLSDC listserv in early February.

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