General Legal Research Sites - Free and Commercial

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General Legal Research - Selected Free Sites

All Law (gateway to many legal Internet sites)
Best Internet Law Library (compiled by U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit Library)
Cornell's Legal Information Institute (includes browseable U.S. Code)
DRAGNET: Search of Free Legal Databases (Custom Google search by NY Law School)
Duke Univ. School of Law Library (includes Reference Resources and Research Guides)
FindLaw - by Thomson Reuters (pages for the public & legal professionals, see Cases & Codes)
Georgetown University Law Center (library catalog, excellent Research Guides, other resources)
Google Scholar (option to search thousands of legal articles and court opinions) (worldwide legal directories and other resources)
Internet Law Library (federal, state, local, foreign & internat'l law links - mostly outdated)
Internet Legal Resource Guide (law journals, schools, forms, decisions, course outlines)
Justia (has searchable Federal court cases back to 1950, USC, CFR, and more) (legal forms, dictionary, articles, asked and answered questions)
Law Links (dmoz Open Directory Project for edited links)
Laws Online (primarily has directories to legal professionals)
Lectric Law Library Reference Room (how to's & basic primers on many topics)
Legal Engine Search (legal forms, resources, search engine)
LexisOne (free registration - cases back 5 years, legal forms, & Legal Website Directory) (free legal information publication on the Web with hundreds of articles)
Public Library of Law ( - case searching, legal links & other resources)
WashLaw - Washburn University School of Law (many organized links)
Washington University Law - Research Guides
Yale Law School Library - Avalon Project of historical docs
Yahoo Law Links (hundreds of organized links picked by Yahoo)

 General Legal Research - Selected Commercial Sites

BloombergLaw (one stop searching of cases, codes, news, companies) - Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (hundreds of online courses - membership access)
FastCase (Federal & state caselaw & statute searching with unique identifiers)
LawProbe (Federal & state caselaw, statutes, regs, rules of procedure; $10 - 5 days)
LexisNexis (huge quanity of Federal & State legal, news, public record, & secondary source files)
LoisLaw (Federal & state caselaw, statutes, public records, treatises, legal forms)
NationalLawLibrary ( - Federal & state caselaw, statutes)
Regscan (Federal & state regulations & reg compliance news monitor) (Federal & state caselaw, stautes, regs, rules, forms, news)
VersusLaw (Federal & state caselaw, statutes)
Westlaw (huge quanity of Federal & state legal, news, public record, & secondary source files)


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