Law Library Lights


The Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C., Inc., publishes Law Library Lights for the education and enjoyment of its members. Lights is published quarterly.

Law Library Lights Archival Issues: 1998-2006

Volume 59 2015-2016

Volume Editor: Amy Taylor

Volume 58 2014-2015

Volume Editor: Judy Gaskell

Volume 57 2013-2014

Volume Editor: Ann Baum

Volume 56 2012-2013

Volume Editor: Melanie Knapp

Volume 55: 2011-2012

Volume Editor: Jill Smith

Volume 54: 2010-2011

Volume Editor: Ripple L. Weistling

Volume 53: 2009-2010

 Volume Editor: Sara Sampson

Volume 52: 2008-2009

Volume Editor: Matthew Braun

Volume 51: 2007-2008

Volume Editor: Shannon O'Connell

Volume 50: 2006-2007

Volume Editor: Dawn Bohls