LLSDC has six classes of membership.  If you would like to join LLSDC, fill out our membership application here.  If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

Regular Members. Any person in the District of Columbia, Maryland, or Virginia who: (1) is employed by a law library; (2) is officially connected with a government library; (3) is employed in a general library having a separately maintained law section; or (4) is a provider of library services on an independent contract basis.

Institutional Members. Any law library in the District of Columbia, Maryland or Virginia may become an institutional member upon payment of annual dues. The annual dues shall be based on the number of memberships purchased by the institutional member, who will own the memberships. The Library Director shall designate individuals as members and have the authority to transfer the membership to other library staff members. Such designated members shall have the rights and privileges of Regular Members. If your institution wishes to process all institutional membership renewals at once and generate a single invoice, a dues representative must be designated. The dues representative does not need to be a member of LLSDC. To designate or update the dues representative for your institution, please e-mail [email protected] with the name and contact information of the person you wish to manage your memberships.  If you would like to renew your institutional membership, renew at the link above.  If you need to add new members to your institutional membership, please fill add them through the organization profile.  

Retired Members. Any person who has retired from law library work and has been a Regular or Institutional Member of the Society for at least 5 consecutive years may be elected to Retired membership. A person who is currently employed as a non-library employee of the information industry is not eligible for election as a Retired Member.

Associate Members. Any person who through occupation or profession is interested in law libraries and law librarianship but does not qualify for any other class of membership may be elected to Associate membership.

Student Members. Any person enrolled in a degree program in library or information science or law may be elected to Student membership. Membership in this category is limited to five consecutive years.

Honorary Members. Upon recommendation of the Nominations Committee, the Board may vote to approve appropriate nonmembers as Honorary Members.

All Members except Associate and Honorary Members shall have the right to vote, the right to belong to a Special Interest Section (“SIS”) and to hold any elective or appointive office (including committee chair) in the Society.

Associate Members shall have the right to belong to a Special Interest Section.

All previously elected Life Members retain all rights and privileges that pertained at the time Life membership was granted.

All Members shall have access to Law Library Lights and the Membership Directory as part of their membership.