Final Status Tables on Selected Legislation

Part of LLSDC's Legislative Source Book

111th Congress: 2009-2010

110th Congress: 2007-2008

109th Congress: 2005-2006

108th Congress: 2003-2004

107th Congress: 2001-2002

106th Congress: 1999-2000

105th Congress: 1997-1998

104th Congress: 1995-1996

103rd Congress: 1993-1994

102nd Congress: 1991-1992

101st Congress: 1989-1990

100th Congress: 1987-1988

99th Congress: 1985-1986


The "Final Status Table on Selected Legislation" was discontinued in September, 2010. However, for each Congress (1985-2010) listed above it attempts to place in tabular form all major and many minor pieces of legislation concerning banking, finance, monetary & economic policxy, and federal government operations and personnel issues. The tables are broken down by subject matter with related House, Senate, and Finalized actions related to that subject. The work was compiled by Richard McKinney, Legislative Librarian / Assistant Law Librarian of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. and accompanied the weekly newsletter, "Current Legislative and Regulatory Activity." The weekly status table was entitled "Current Status Table on Selected Legislation."

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