The LLSDC Executive Board meeting was held Thursday, November 13th, at noon at Finnegan. The meeting was called to order by Mary Kate Hunter. The Treasurer’s report was approved and last month’s Membership report was approved by email and November’s report will be approved likewise. Liaison reports were presented and there continues to be a plethora of wonderful activities going on in the next few months, so please remember to check out the LLSDC Event Calendar to learn more about these upcoming programs and events. Mary Kate updated us on her attendance at the Magna Carter Gala that was held on November, 5, 2014. She had a great time and there will be a story featured in an upcoming issue of Lights about all the various Magna Carter events. Pam Lipscomb, along with a team of volunteers, is continuing to put out a monthly LLSDC Newsletter and it has received lots of great feedback.  If your group holds an event, please send a short description of it, or any other stories you have to add, to Pam Lipscomb or Laura Moorer. Alicia Pappas reported the LLSDC Holiday party will be held on December 11th at Woodward Table; please look for an email to come out shortly with more details. A tour of the Magna Carter is also being organized for sometime in January. The Board also decided to combine the New Member lunch with the Town Hall meeting this year. More details about those events will be coming out in the spring. Finally, our Membership chair will be stepping down this year. The Board has decided that because this position is so important, and time intensive, it is looking at various ways to make the Membership job a Board position. More information about this decision will be forthcoming.  Finally, Mary Kate discussed the possibility of holding a Lobby Day program sometime before AALL’s Lobby Day in the spring.  There was no other new business discussed. The meeting was then adjourned. The next Board Meeting will be held in December at the Library of Congress. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!