The LLSDC Executive Board meeting was held Thursday, October 23rd, at noon at Arent Fox. The meeting was called to order by Mary Kate Hunter. The Treasurer and Membership reports were not ready at the time of the meeting and will be approved via email in the coming week. Liaison reports were presented and there are many, many wonderful activities going on in the next few months so please remember to check out the LLSDC Event Calendar to learn more about the programs planned. Mary Kate than noted that as of October 2014, LLSDC now has chapter Insurance; if you have any questions about this, please email Mary Kate. Doug Tirpak updated us on the Library of Congress Magna Carter tours. Unfortunately, LLSDC cannot have an after hour, private tour but a tour during regular business is going to be arranged so look for an upcoming email about this event in the near future. Last month was the inaugural “issue” of the LLSCC newsletter and we hope our members enjoyed reading it! Please look for the next issue to come out the beginning of November. If you have any stories to add, please email Pam Lipscomb or Laura Moorer. Mary Kate Hunter also reported back on her time spent at an all day VALL event in October. She said it was a great day and the Virginia chapter had interesting speakers present and the day concluded with a great tour of the Virginia State Law Library. Alicia Pappas reported that the opening ceremony was well attended and the first Trivia Night was a great success! She also noted that there will be a New Member lunch coming up soon and that the LLSDC Holiday Party will be in early December, so look for more information about those events in the coming weeks. The meeting was then adjourned. The next Board Meeting will be held in November. We are off to great start! Click here to access last month's meeting minutes.