The LLSDC Executive Board meeting was held Thursday, June 5, 2014, at noon at Baker Botts. This meeting served as the transitional board meeting and members from last year’s Board and the new Board members were able to meet each other and discuss ideas for the upcoming year. The Treasurer report was received and approved by the Board. (The membership report was sent in a few days later and also approved by the Board). Liaison reports were presented and Emily Carr noted that the Federal Librarian SIS was hosting a tour of the Federal Reserve Library on June 11, 2014 and there was still space for interested members. Alicia Pappas reported that the closing reception was well attended and the members enjoyed the company and food. Ed O’Rourke gave a nice closing speech regarding his year as LLSDC’s President and our new President, Mary Kate Hunter, also gave an enthusiastic speech regarding her vision for the upcoming year with LLSDC.

The baseball game is coming up on June 17th and Alicia noted the tickets were selling well and there are only around 20 tickets left to be purchased. Alicia finally noted that there is a Rare Book Tour in the works with the Library of Congress and once she receives more details, it will be emailed out to members.

The next Board Meeting will be held sometime in August. Thanks for a great year and I hope everyone has a wonderful summer!