The LLSDC Executive Board meeting was held Tuesday, March 19th at noon at KPMG. The Treasurer report and Membership report was received and approved by the Board. The first item discussed is the upcoming LLSDC elections. Laurie Green reported, by email, that we have two candidates running for each open slot on the ballot. The Board hopes to have elections start sometime in April. Remember to be on the lookout for your ballot!

Alicia Pappas reported that 133 people attended the 75th Anniversary Reception and that everyone seemed to have a great time! Be sure to check out our Facebook page to see some great photo booth photos taken that night.

Mary Kate Hunter reminded us that our Lights editor, Ann Baum, is looking for articles for the upcoming spring issue. If you have any articles you would like to submit, please do ASAP.

Mary Kate also reported that the Legal Research Institute was held on March 13th and 14th and went well. However, the enrollment numbers were a bit down and the Board discussed a few ideas on how to increase attendance and one idea is to split the sessions into a Fall/Spring class. One session would happen in the Fall and the second class in the Spring to allow more flexibility for those having to take time off from work to attend the two day session.  Finally, a few upcoming events were discussed which include the Joint Spring Workshop, being held in April, the Town Hall Meeting (date not yet set), closing event, and another baseball outing in June. The meeting was adjourned at 1:10 pm and the next Board meeting will be held on April 22nd, 2014 at George Washington Law Library. And, for those of you who are interested, here is a link to last month's Board Meeting Minutes. Enjoy!