The Library Managers' Group of LLSDC met on Halloween for a presentation regarding Fall Associates. The event brought out many ghosts and goblins, and some very interesting ideas were presented by many librarians and information professionals. Some of the ideas concerned formalized orientation processes that involve well thought out practices for all incoming fall associates. Many firms discussed their presentations to Fall Associates and how they address the time constraints in producing well rounded presentations while addressing a wide range of practice issues. In several cases there are designated librarians that conduct all the associate training across the firm and in others it is handled by each office. Several firms use Telepresence, a video-conferencetechnology, to present to associates around the country.

Other firms use less formalized programs to introduce the Fall Associates to their respective firms. Consistent throughout the long discussion was the fact that every Fall Associate is expected to attend training and that most all the librarians follow up multiple times with the associates over the next few months.

More fun and innovative ideas shared include:

  • Firm librarians participate in Fall Associate events, like happy hours and pro bono activities. 
  • Some firms hold rolling demonstrations during the first month to help address new projects with the associates. 
Overall all the librarians convey to the associates that they are their NEW BEST FRIENDS to help them understand that they are here to assist and teach them the skills they need to be successful associates.