The LLSDC Executive Board meeting was held Thursday, March 19, 2015 at noon at Pepper Hamilton. The meeting was called to order by our President, Mary Kate Hunter. The Treasurer and Membership reports were both approved by the Board. Pam Lipscomb reported that she, along with other members, will be taking over the Membership position during this transition time. Liaison reports were presented and again, the plethora of events LLSDC offers is simply amazing! From library tours of the Folger Shakespeare Library and the Daughters of the American Revolution library to educational meetings that discuss ways we can improve our job performance and new learn research skills, there are many opportunities for members to get involved with our chapter. Please be sure to check out of calendar of events and plan on attending one soon! Remember, all educational events are open to ALL members, not just those who are members of that special group. Mary Kate Hunter and Emily Florio reported back on Lobby Day and again commented on what a great opportunity the event is and they had an instructive day on Capitol Hill.  The Town Hall Meeting will take place on April, 29, 2015, and Steven Anderson, former AALL President, will be our keynote speaker. The Sandy Peterson Lecture is scheduled for April 15, 2015 at the GW Law School and Lyle Denniston, reporter and analyst for SCOTUSblog, will be our speaker. Please be sure to RSVP for both events! The LLSDC election for 2015/2016 will take place in April and emails about the election will be going out shortly.  The Joint Spring Workshop will not take place this year and the Board is working on ideas for upcoming years and how this workshop may change.  Alicia Pappas noted there will be a library week event, in support of Global Giving, on April 16, 2015, at 5:30 at the Mission in DuPont Circle. Finally, the Board continued its work on editing the LLSDC manual; a project that will be ongoing at all future Board meetings. There was no other new business discussed. The meeting was then adjourned. The next Board Meeting will be held in April.