On behalf of your society, we want to extend our sincerest thoughts and support to you during this very difficult period.  Federal law librarians (and the contractor law librarians who support various agencies) are a very important part of our government structure.  You provide information services on a daily basis not only to your internal customers but also to the general public.  Your absence from government operations has been noticed by many patrons whether it be a lawyer who needs a book from the Library of Congress,  a taxpayer who contacts you with a general reference question, or a fellow librarian who seeks out your expertise on a certain matter.  You always answer your customers promptly with great courtesy and a sense of pride.  It is very unfortunate that your careers and livelihoods have been interrupted due to political wrangling on Capitol Hill.  We want you to know that your society supports you 100% and is grateful for your service to the Nation.   We all look forward to your return as soon as possible.  Your presence is definitely missed.

With our best regards,

The Executive Board of LLSDC