The Private Law Libraries Group of LLSDC met on April 16th for a discussion on cost recovery, billing and online resource management resources.  There was a lively discussion that focused primarily on online resource management tools, such as Research Monitor and Onelog.  Several of the attendees had or currently use Onelog or Research Monitor and talked about some of the benefits and drawbacks of the product.  The key benefit stood out as being able to use the tools to track what resources (particularly BNA titles) people are or are not using and then using that data to discuss with attorneys or the vendor before renewal time.  Some firms are currently using Onelog/Research Monitor to also manage passwords or for client/matter validation.  The meeting ended with a brief conversation regarding overall billing and cost recovery procedures.

The Private Law Libraries Group of LLSDC met on March 11th for a presentation by Emily Florio, Library Services Manager at Finnegan and Steve Lastres, Directory of Library & Knowledge Management at Debevoise & Plimpton.  The program focused on how to create a successful library communications strategy by focusing on the information outputs that are often produced by law firm library departments.  The six information output categories are: information resource availability, research requests, training/professional development communications, news alerts, usage/research charge reports and miscellaneous communications.  Steve and Emily discussed the processes and systems they use to produce the outputs and suggested some best practices to help your library communicate as effectively as possible.  Many thanks to Priory Solutions for their support of the program.

The presentation slides and communication strategy matrix are available here.

The Private Law Libraries Group of LLSDC met on February 25th for a presentation by Nancy Lee, Thomson Innovation Product Specialist from Thomson Reuters.  Nancy provided an overview of the content and functionality of Thomson Innovation and then answered research questions from the audience.  Some of the types of searches covered were how to obtain a list of all the patents owned by a specific company, setting up an alert to be notified when a company is granted a new patent and how to determine what law firm a company uses for their patent prosecution.  For more information on Thomson Innovation visit  

The Private Law Libraries Group of LLSDC met on Thursday January 16th for a presentation by Christopher Raymond, the Digital Library Product Manager with LexisNexis.  Chris discussed the basics of eBooks, along with the features and benefits of the virtual library experience for both patrons and librarians.  He began the presentation with some eye-opening statistics, including that eBook usage has increased over time from 65% in 2011 to 79% in 2012, with work-related use growing as well.  Chris also discussed how the Lexis Digital Library offerings and Lexis Digital Principles address the legal library challenges faced by most law librarians.  Chris certainly showed that eBooks aren’t going anywhere and librarians should be aware of the options for use within their firms.  If you want more information or a trial ID, please visit or email [email protected].

The Private Law Libraries Group of LLSDC met on Friday December 13th for a presentation by Sue Ann Orsini from Fried Frank on Legislative Histories for the Novice Researcher.  As Fried Frank’s Legislative Reference Librarian, Sue Ann spends most of her day compiling legislative histories and her expertise definitely showed during her presentation.  Sue Ann provided an overview of how to do legislative history research and walked through a couple of laws and acts to outline the overall process.  For the presentation, Sue Ann created a flowchart and guide to showcase the various access points and how to use those when locating legislative materials. 


The Private Law Libraries Group of LLSDC met on Wednesday November 6th for a presentation by Emily Florio from Finnegan Henderson and Scott Bailey from Squire Sanders on Intellectual Property Basics: Resources to Support an IP Practice.  Emily and Scott provided a recap of their AALL Annual Meeting program and lead a lively discussion with attendees.  They provided a handout (available here) that outlined a multitude of resources, including patent research databases, patent litigation research databases, litigation monitoring resources, current awareness tools and much more.  For many of the databases, Emily and Scott provided the pros and cons (from a librarian’s perspective) and discussed their experiences with each resource.

A majority of the presentation focused on the patent research tools used by many IP librarian researchers, such as Delphion, Lexis TotalPatent, Questel-Orbit and Thomson Innovation.  There was a lot of discussion between the presenters and the attendees regarding tips and tricks for patent research, including everyone’s favorite, knowing the dynasties and emperors of Japan to determine JP patent information.  It was also noted that the PTAB (the new and improved BPAI) now has their proceedings online.  

The PLL SIS presents a brown bag lunch event open to all LLSDC members.

Emily Florio and Scott Bailey will provide a recap of their AALL Annual Meeting program, “Intellectual Property Basics: Resources to Support an IP Practice”.